Tweedie Associates, Architects The Tweedie Family - a genealogy
The Tweedie Family

-a genealogy-

McNichols, Tweedie & Wyckoff


Click here or on the image of the cover for a full-size PDF file of the entire book (less the index and the family trees). File size is about 2.5MB and requires Acrobat Reader. This is a fully printable copy of the book (239 pages) with the photos stored as 144dpi images. Left click to open the document in your browser. Right click to "Save file to Disk".

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Mary Catherine Glynn Tweedie - Paintings
Volume 1
Volume 2
Click above for the collected paintings and drawings of Mary Catherine Glynn Tweedie. is created and hosted by Wyckoff Advertising, Inc., 1024 College Avenue, Wheaton, IL 60187. Phone: 630-260-2525. Email: or

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